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Asking for help - about certificates

Hello to members of Upwork community,

I am setting up my profile from scratch after several years of not being active here and have an issue with adding of Cambridge English certificate. On the Cabridge website, after I login to see my result and click on send my result to Upwork, it says "You have already sent your result to this organisation/institution." - I don't have any certificates added yet. 


Can you help me to fix this, please? 


Have a nice day,


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When you say you are setting your account from scratch, do you mean that you are making changes to the same account you had years ago? Do you recall asking for the certificate back then?

I guess I made an account here years ago just from curiosity, but with other email. And no, I dont recall it, at all 😞


What to do Now?

Hi Jan,


Thank you for reaching out and raising this query here in the Community. Please remember that users are only allowed to have one account, and having multiple ones violates Upwork's TOS. If you still recall, please send me a PM with the email address associated with your old account. I'll be more than willing to look into that and assist you accordingly. Looking forward to your message.


~ Arjay
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