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Attendance Bonus

Hello guys! Can someone help me regarding my attendance bonus. My client showed me and gave me a reference number for my attendance bonus for the week of September 21-.26 this year to be receive on October 7. But I didn't receive any bonus, they credited the bonus to my account but it's not showing on my transaction history and the reference number didn't show. They told me to reach out the customer service of upwork but whenever I'm calling the call did not go through it was directed to voice mail and I also sent them an email and no one is responding. Please help me. Thank you in advance! 

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If they issued a bonus, it will show on the Pending tab of your reports until the five-day security period passes. Look there to see if you see it.


Hi Charlene,


I checked, and it looks like the bonus is currently pending. You can check it here as well as the date as to when this will be available to you. 

~ Joanne

Good day! I already checked my transaction history but I cannot see the
reference number for that transaction but my HR showed to me that they
credited to my account its just that I cannot see it and cannot withdraw
it. That’s the problem
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Community Manager

Hi Charlene,


Thank you for following up. Please know that payments for fixed-price milestones (and bonuses) have a 5-day security period from the time payment is made to funds availability. Please let us know if you are still unable to withdraw your funds after 5-day security period so that we can assist you further. 


~ Nikola
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