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Australian Freelancer



I searched in the forum but I haven’t found an answer for that.


How do I declare myUpwork income to ATO? I have ABN number, and at the moment I am transferring the money from Upwork to my PayPal account. Can I just transfer it to my Bank account, or how I pay the 10% GST on it?   

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Yaron, 

You may visit this help article for more information about charging you GST on your freelancer earnings on Upwork.

~ Avery
Community Member

Hi Avery,


Thank you for your reply.


I provided a valid ABN to Upwork, my auestion is how to I declare my UpWork earnings to the ATO? 

Hi Yaron,

You will need to consult with a local tax advisor so that you will be properly guided on the procedure in declaring your taxes as tax laws vary for every country. Thanks.

~ Jo-An


Hi York,

I am new to Upwork and i am an australian resident, i have ABN but not registered for GST as the Turnover is still below 75,000

Can you please advise if you have provided the W-8BEN form to include my tax information


Thanks for your support.


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