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Australian UpWorkers! GST question I need help with


im new to UpWork and have made a bit of money. I'm from Australia and need some help from Australian UpWorkers! i cant register an ABN number without registering for GST however I'm very doubtful, not impossible tho, that I will make the 75k needed for Australian businesses to register for GST. so do I say 'no im not registered for GST' and then they just pay into a bank account? or do I say 'yes im registered for GST' even if im not/dont have to be but it will be paid into my ABN? i need it paid into my ABN so I can do my income tax at the end of the financial year. Any tips from Aussies would be super dooper helpful!





Hi Caitlin,


We understand that you may not be required to register for GST for the purposes of your freelance business. However, to comply with the new Australian laws, Upwork has to collect GST on the services we provide. (This means the 10% tax will apply to applicable Upwork fees, including the sliding service fee you pay when you earn on Upwork, the fee you pay for a Freelancer Plus membership (if you have one), and the cost of purchasing additional Connects.) The only way for us to confirm whether someone is a taxable person (i.e. a consumer) for GST purposes is for us to (i) collect an ABN and (ii) for that person to acknowledge they are registered for GST. This tax is separate from the services you provide to your clients.

~ Joanne

Hi Joanne,

yeah i understand all that, Im just wondering how other Aussies have their accounts set up to help with some of my confusion after being paid by upwork, if that makes sense? 


Thankyou for your advice though 🙂

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Hi Caitlin, did you end up getting an answer to this? I see it's been a few years since this post so do you have any tips for a fellow Australian new to Upwork?


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