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Balance ZERO!

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Mohamed E Member Since: May 6, 2019
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After a Escrow refund request the balance is just ZERO! I'm connected to paypal but it says it's inactive. I don'y know why??

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Mohamed, 

I checked your account and I don't see any escrow refund request that was processed. Are you referring to the payment for your recently closed contract? On your Reports page, you will see that the earnings for the contract is currently in the Pending tab, which means it is under the 5-day security period. If you click on the tab, you will see the date this will be made available to your account, which is on 11-May. 


As for your Paypal account, your payment method, and funds are not yet accesible because you are yet to fill-in your Tax Information. On your Form W-8BEN, please fill in your legal name that matches your Upwork account information so that your payment method can be activated, and your earnings accessible. 

Let me know if you have other questions!