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Be careful with fake profiles!


I just started with the freelance work here and I was really looking foreward to do my first jobs. I got a lot of offers in right in the begining(which already looked a little fishy to me). When i read them i realised that many of them were so called "voice recording offers" for people that wanted me to read a text and fill in blancs in an app and sign it afterwards. Obviously I realised who i was up against.

How do I report people like that? I dont want them to scam others here as well. 

Hope you guys stay safe!



Hi Rebecca,


Thanks for posting and being cautious. Whenever you wish to report suspicious activity, you can use the "Flag as inappropriate" option found on each job post or message. Additionally, feel free to take a look at this Upwork Academy course for additional tips on staying safe on Upwork.

~ Luiggi
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Yeah, it's just one of the downsides of the internet. Anyone can pretend to be anything. You just have to learn what red flags to watch for and trust your gut. You did a good job of recognizing that before it was too late.

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