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Be seen and hired...

Hey Upwork Community,

I am new to Upwork and am still trying to figure out just how everything works. I have applied for a few jobs and of course waiting to hear back. For those of you that have been successful finding work here, what are some things you have done or have in your profile that have boosted your appeal to people hiring?


Also, is there a place that I can check the status of my application after it is submittted to see if the hiring party has seen it or is interested in you?

Thanks a million in advance!!

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Hi, Kelsey -

Welcome! For tips on your profile, check the Learning Paths under the Academy heading at the top of your screen. When you have your profile where you like it, ask in the forums for someone to give you feedback.

To see if a potential client has opened and seen your proposal, go to Proposals under Find Work and look for a little open-eye icon next to the proposal in the list. If it's there, the client has opened it. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that there are very few eyes on a page of proposals... so in that case, you should revisit the Academy's Learning Paths and take a course on Finding Work. 

Good luck!

Jennifer Neighbors
Microsoft Access Designer and Developer
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Thanks so much!!

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Your profile is private. Noone able to see you with search.

How do I go about making it not private?

It says that it is "Locked Private" any idea what that means?

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