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Been Submitting Proposals Like Crazy, But Not Getting Any Hits - What Am I Doing Wrong??

Hi there, 


I'm relatively new to Upwork, however, I have skills coming out of my eyeballs for all of the jobs I am applying for - yet noone of the clients I am submitting for will respond to me, even if I am the only one applying. What am I doing wrong?


Any insights?  Suggestions?



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Submitting proposals like crazy.


If you are applying for too many jobs then you're probably not putting enough time and effort into crafting a good proposal.




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Well first of all, you can get in trouble for having a link to your personal site/portfolio on your Upwork portfolio. I would put some of whatever you have on your site on your Upwork portfolio.


For all of the experience and stuff you are talking about, your rate is super low. A quality client is going to expect to pay more than $15/hr for someone with your identified skill set.


Since your profile is new, do you have any testimonials you could post in your overview from clients or past coworkers? That would help provide some "social confirmation".


Your overview focuses on you and your skills a lot. Not that it shouldn't, but try to speak to the prospects who are reading it. Your overview can be a way for you to connect with those reading your profile, especially after you send them a proposal.

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