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Best Practices for Hiring a Freelancer?

Hey everyone!

Very new to Upwork, here; and new to hiring Freelancers, period! I am starting a blog and hoping to post a job or two for a few small posts to help get me up and running, faster. Does anyone have any best practices to share with me so I don't go into this wrong?

For example, upon completion of the contract:

  • is the Freelancer to be credited in the blog post? Or would the blog post be expected to be presented as though the Client wrote it?
  • can the post be tweaked by the Client? (ie. modifying to add media or links to posts/pages that may not be available yet)

Thanks for your help, Upwork Community! Any other tips or general expectations are much appreciated!


Hi Justin,


Welcome to Upwork! I understand that you have a few questions about getting started in hiring a freelancer. You may want to check the Upwork Terms of Service for more information. Please read section 6.4 for more information. You may also want to check the client resources here to help you get started. 

~ Joanne
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