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Omar S Member Since: Aug 1, 2021
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i just want to know what makes me as a new upwork freelancer a best match for a client? in another words what exactly do Upwork team look for in my profile to suggest me as a best match for the client who i sent him my proposal?


Nikola S Moderator Member Since: Jul 2, 2020
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Hi Omar,


Clients receive all the proposals submitted by freelancers and they have the option to sort the view depending on how they would like to view the proposals they received. They can also see the best match for their job that's run by an algorithm that is solely focused on sorting the proposal order, all of which are displayed and available on the client's end.

While we won't be able to discuss the algorithm's specifics, we can share it takes into account the content of the proposal, information available on the freelancer's profile and service they provide, as well as the client's hiring preferences. Hope this helps.


Note that having a complete and clear profile along with submitting tailored proposals for jobs you have the skillset, time, and experience to complete in line with the client's requirements will help position your proposal higher on the list.


~ Nikola