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Bill and Hours Dispute by Client

I had my 1st client on November 17th and asked me to make some calls which I realized, I am already started working.I asked for the contract but he wants me to work "OUTSIDE" Upwork and pay me directly thru Paypal. I explained to him that it would be best if we both stick with Upwork for our good record and security. My client agreed and he worked on the contract, which I accepted it on that same day. I continued my calls and ended at 6am PH time and done 147 calls. Our work schedule is from 10pm ~ 7am, Monday ~ Friday. I dont have the tracker yet so the hours i worked on the 17th has not been included, which is fine. The next day, 18th of November (Friday), I started work at 9pm (as per clients' advise) so I can cover the required 500 calls. Ended my work at 5am where i made a total of 600+ calls. This time, I was able to track my time from 9~5+. My client "Paused" my contract because of the billng that he received. He accused me of manually creating the number of hours worked and the bill that he received. He feels he was over charged by Upwork. I explained to him about the fees that we both have to pay for Upworks' services. I also explained to him about the tracker provided by Upwork. Client wants me to cancel the contract which I informed him that "HE" have the option to cancel it and I dont have it in my end. He wants me to continue the work "OUTSIDE" upwork but I insisted on staying with Upwork. Thank you

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If you did the work and TimeTracker tracked that work time, don't issue a refund.


Be aware that if you add manual time to your hourly work log, Upwork cannot/will not make any effort to see you get paid if the client decides not to honor that work time and pay you for it. (This applies even if the client specifically "allows" manual time.)


I expect a moderator here will get involved with your problems with this client - payment to a freelancer outside the Upwork system is never allowed. Don't even think about agreeing to such payments - you'll likely get ripped off and Upwork might remove your freelancer account.


Learn what you can as fast as you can about how Upwork is designed to work for both hardworking freelancers and honest clients.


Good luck.

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Hi Jovy Patricia,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I'll escalate this to our team for their review and will take action as per our internal processes.


Please, check this help article for more information on how to use the flag option found on each job post or message to report any suspicious or inappropriate content. Also, check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

I believe that not every Upwork client understands the importance of the "pay only through Upwork" rule. So if a client asks about that, I don't necessarily end things immediately. I simply tell the client to not worry about it. I tell them we can keep payments going through Upwork.


That is usually the end of it.


But any client who insists on paying off-platform - is a person who can not be trusted. Such a client DOES intend to cheat Upwork. And they probably want to cheat the freelancer as well.

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