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Hi All, I did a job for a client on the 21st of March. I am new to Upwork and needed to read the guide to understand how to bill. I was in Italy on a photography job and Upwork locked my account to be verified. I verified in Italy on-line, but thought I would bill for the 21st job when I got back. I tried to go on-line today (3rd March) to bill (my first day back) and the 21st is greyed out (won't let me select). Can you advise how I can proceed with billing please? Thank you

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You can only log time for the current work week, not previous weeks and please be aware that in general, unless there are pressing reasons, it is much better and safer to use the time tracker because manual time is not in any way protected.


You can add the manual time for this week, and the client will be charged on Monday provided the contract is still open, manual time is enabled, and the contract is not paused.


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