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Boosted proposal helps getting job or no ??

Hello everyone !!


I am new to UW, but have experience of 6+ years. I am facing hardships winning a job on this platform despite of spending so many connects and applying to 40+ jobs till now. Should boosting my proposal be the best option for me to get a job ?? or changes needs to be made to my profile, please guide me on the same. I will really appreciate it !!


Here's my profile linkhttps://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01b4dc10e68dc4a525


Thanks in advance.


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Boosting works for some, doesnt work for others but before you boost - having your profile and proposals in order helps.
I havent had any luck with boosting the few times i have tried it.

On a side note, i recommend that you go through this post:

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Good morning Rabin.  It seems that the entire controversy around buying connects and boosting is getting everyone hot under the collar.  Some are for it - especially those who appear to be making a fair whack of income, others are against and those (like myself) are probably making less.


Allow me to add my opinion here.  According to Upwork's latest financial presentation and financials, they are losing money.  In the last quarter, they reported a loss of $700,000.

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Their stated mission is to : "create economic opportunities so people have better lives"

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My current understanding of connects is that the ability to earn connects from interviews has been curtailed.  So we are forced to buy connects.  I also notice that more and more jobs require 8 connects to apply and less require 2.  Along with boosting, for which I see some freelancers are willing to spend upwards of 50 connects per job, the commision on payment has been reduced from 20% to 10%.


The nett affect should be that freelancers are charged the same amount overall in a steady-state resolution.  But the risk of cost has been shifted very definately onto the freelancer.  We spend more money to apply to jobs and pay less commission on our renumeration, should we obtain a job.    In general, this would suit freelancers who are popular.  Those who struggle for jobs will eventually be forced out the system.    


Upwork is operating at a loss, so its obvious that their policy is to maximise their income growth.  Previously, they earned on memberships, sales of connects and each completed job.  Now they earn on memberships and each job application.  This does raise an addition observation about client payment. Its my experience that if a client refuses to pay on a fixed rate job,  the process disintegrates.  But more to the point here, Upwork either loses commession or has to fork out for arbitration, or both.  I would guess that this is also a factor in the way they have restructured their business.


In conclusion then, I would argue that Upwork are looking at a smaller pool of freelancers who are more economicially active. If you cannot get started, you may not be suited for the Upwork model. I wish it were different though. Good luck with whichever way it goes.


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Boosting will improve your chances of being seen by the client, but won't necessarily improve your chances of being hired.

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