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Brand New! Need Help! Please!

I just joined today. I've been watching the training & how to videos & reading through the blogs. I really need some help starting this process. I've been a real estate for 20+ years. My resume, experience & skill set focuses on sales, marketing, business management, etc. I want to change my career path. I'm interested in writing but also other opportunities. I'm confident in my ability to work under most categories in the writing field. I'm not ready to stick to just one thing, I want to look at all opportunities. My problem - my resume & work experiece do not reflect my capabilities to work in any field other than real estate. Simply creating a resume was a strugggle for me as I've been a realtor since I was 19. I never needed a resume nor have I had to apply for a job. HELP ME PLEASE!

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I appreciate all the help regarding my post. LOL  It appears that due to my extensive knowledge, experience & expertise within the world of real estate I have put myself in a box. A box that I cannot get out of. Thank you all so much for taking the time to help or offer advise.

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I am also new here and I did not have the slightest idea there was a community/forum where we could ask questions and get replies. This is nice.

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Hi Guys

I am suggesting here first go though learning path. It will help you a lo to manage and improve your profile.


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Congrats on joining Upwork! Here are a few TIPS to get started. If you have any specific questions, let me know. Have a great evening!


PROFILE: Always complete your Upwork Profile before applying for Jobs. Create a Title and Skills to apply for Jobs to match what Clients are searching for. Use one or two of the Skill keywords in the Title to emphasize what you bring to the table for the Client. Create 3 or 4 short paragraphs in the Summary. If the Summary is too long, most Clients will not read the rest of your Profile; too short then there isn't enough information for a Client to hire. Use all 15 Skills IF they apply. The Skills are used to assist a Client in locating your Profile via search. Add your Portfolio and always use a colorful image. Consider adding a Project Catalog if it applies. By the way, it goes without saying make sure that your Profile Settings are on Public not Private so others can view the Profile.


COVER LETTER: Create a flexible cover letter that is less than 100 words. Long cover letters rarely get read, but instead are ignored. Break the cover letter into four sections. Section 1 : Acknowledge the job that you are applying for such as "Looking forward to discussing your graphics design project". Section 2: Highlight your validations stamps IE skills that are brought to their project. Section 3 Explain how you will solve their problem and the final section request an Upwork Zoom call to discuss their project.

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