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Brand new client - need some help, guidance and better understanding

I am a brand new client here, testing Upwork. I am keen on figuring out the whole system. When uploading new designs, am I able to choose a freelancer at my discretion? I am specifically wanting to long term Upwork team-up with a freelancer in the Guadalajara, Mexico area which is in close proximity to my ceramics factory. I want for a long term single-partner relationship here and I wish for them to have a hands-on view of the production process after their model is created so that they can better understand the nuances of negative draft and undercuts. I have a super fun, globally collected product line and I need a long term reliable partner.


How do I go about posting up a project (or a few projects) and "interviewing" prospective freelancers to ultimately choose a long term allie?


Do I test perhaps on each project with different freelancers and choose based upon my satisfaction level with their skills and costing?  




Example file of a project attached, but it is incomplete.  I will post up files with more than ample reference control art.

Thank you,

Holden W


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Hi Holden,


To start as a client, please check out this help article. You can also learn more about the trends and best practices and get tips on making your project a success by visiting our Hiring Headquarters. Please note that there are two types of contracts, Fixed-Price, and Hourly contract and you can check their differences in this help article. You can also read about the valuable perk of payment protection we offer clients for Fixed-Priced and Hourly contracts.


Additionally, one of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further with hiring.


Thank you,

~ Nikola
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