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Branding, Interior, and Environmental Graphics

In your marketing section, I'm not seeing anything that helps marketing people and interior designers with the production of environmental graphics, interior graphics, or branding/marketing graphics. The same is true for the production of graphics for conferences, seminars, special presentations, etc. Have you all covered this base and I'm simply not seeing it or is it something you don't offer? It's a specialty of mine and I'd like to connect with architects and marketing people who need these services. I look forward to your response. Thanks, Lisa Congleton

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Hi Lisa,


While you do raise a good point, I think you are being too specific about who you'd provide services to. If you want work in that area, you probably need to actively market to companies or firms who would use that service, by contacting them with some sort of Business Development strategy outside Upwork, maybe clarity.fm.


I think, if you broaden your client base to Branding, concept design, mockup and graphic design/original artwork, you'll be able to get more work.

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If a freelancer specializes in a particular niche, that is something they can reference on their profile page. For example, a content writer might make their headline, "B2B and  Startup content." That way, when a client searches for writers using those terms, that freelancer has a better chance of being located. Freelancers can also use search terms and even save searches when searching the job listings. 

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