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Building a strong profile.

Hey guys,

I joined upwork two days ago and so far, I have had an overwhelming experience. The community, support staff, freelancers and clients are all amazing here.

So, I am new to freelancing and have to work on setting up an eye catching portfolio. This will definitely take a little while. I wouldn't be sending proposals to any clients meanwhile.

My question here is, did I rush on creating an Upwork account? Does this affect my credibility in any way? Or is there an option where I can go private and work on setting up my profile before actually stepping into the field?

Thank you for taking interest. Any advice would be highly appreciated. 😄

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Pranjal,


I'm happy to hear that and welcome to Upwork!


Your portfolio is where you have the opportunity to impress potential clients with real-life examples of your skills and expertise. As you are in the Design & Creative category, know that the first item in your portfolio will appear alongside your profile in search results.


You can use your portfolio to show off projects related to any or all of your skills, so long as you personally have worked on every item you add and adhere to all of Upwork’s Terms of Service.


Please note that portfolios aren’t just for writing and artwork samples. You can describe the work you did and add relevant skills for projects you’ve completed related to any category Upwork offers, from Admin Support to Web Development and everything in between.


Regarding your profile visibility, you can set it to 'Private' by following the steps outlined in this help article.


Additionally, feel free to check out the Freelancing Resources board as you can find plenty of articles there that will help you with writing proposals, negotiating with clients, set your rates, and so on.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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