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Camtasia tutorial

I'm hoping I'm posting this to the right location. I am frustrated and a bit overwhelmed with my current project. I was hired to create a tutorial video for a client's website. The first issue I ran into was having a PC. The video editing software he wanted me to use was for MAC only. I did some research and Camtasia by TechSmith seems to be the go-to screen recording/video editing software. I downloaded the free trial version and completed the tutorial, but when I went to share the video, I got the message that all videos produced in the trial period will have a watermark. Ugh! I put a lot of time into that video, and today is the day I said I would have it done.  I wanted to send him the Camtasia video, even with the watermark, so that he can see the work I've completed, however, when trying to upload it, or share it via dropbox, I get a message that says the file is too big. I put a link in the message box, but I'm sure he is going to want the file too. I was just reading some other conversation about Upwork's file size limits. Are there limits on the files that we send to our client's as well? How am I supposed to get this project submitted to him if there are? It's not like I can cut pieces of the tutorial out. 


My other question is this: does anyone know of a free screen recording/video editing software for PC and Windows? The client said that if he likes the initial video he will purchase software for the freelancer to do more videos, but I would really like to provide him with a watermark-free video on this first project. Either way, I am frustrated that I spent so much time on this tutorial and I'm going to have to redo it, and may not even be able to send it to the client? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. This is my first job on Upwork, so I'm very green when it comes to this stuff. Thank you!



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Audrey = I've had a similar job such as yours - to create training videos. My problems at the time were getting the video software to work on my computer. I even had tech support from one of the software programs try and they also could not get it working (even remotely connecting to my computer.)


I found a video program that worked. and still use it to this day. it's Debut Video Capture by NCH software. They offer a free download, but I don't remember if it produced watermarks or not. I ended up purchasing the program. It's only $29.99 for the home version and $34.99 for the professional version. I didn't want to spend a fortune for a program that I might use only once. I purchased the home version and it worked out beautifully.


As to the file being too big. I recorded my in 5 to 10 minute modules. Each new topic was broken down into sections. That might be something that you might want to look into. So instead of sending one huge 1 hour video, I sent something about 15 smaller modules. I think, Google Drive has a bigger file capacity then Dropbox.  

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Hi Audrey,


As you may know, there are a number of file-sharing options out there, and the clients you work for may each have their own way of doing it. Some companies even have policies about how and where files can be shared. If you’re not sure how your client wants you to deliver your work, get in touch with them to find out.

Also, you can always send files through the Upwork Messages, up to 10 attachments for a total of 25 MB.

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