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Can I get some feed back?

So, i'm super new to contract work. I have worked in the Multimedia industry for a few years now, and I've put together a portfolio of my best work.

I've updated my profile based off Upwork's training models advice. I've looked at multiple ways people are sending out proposals. I've gotten my first job with a 5 star review. I submitted qutie a few propsals now. I've done a bunch of tests and trainings.


But I'm clearly doing something wrong, as I'm not getting enough jobs.


Can you guys give me any adivce. Maybe tell me how long you were on Upwork before you started getting solid work? I might just being impatiant, but i'm just starting to get demotivated. If you see anyting that is off, I would really like to know!


I appreciate it!


John Sloan

Community Member

Hello John,


Please click these links to help you boost your success here on Upwork:

Tips to boost your success

Submitting a winning proposal

Enhance your profile


Thanks. I've looked at all those. I''m following the insturctions, but i'm still having issues.

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