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Can I share my finished jobs on my personal website as my Portfolio without asking my client?

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Shihab-Ul H Member Since: Aug 20, 2016
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Title briefs the gist always. I want to share the projects on my personal-portfolio-website which has done on Upwork but it would be more better if I have to not bother them by asking over the matter. I also want to know the terms & conditions about it.



Shihab-Ul H.

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Kanwal F Member Since: Apr 20, 2015
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Its better to ask clients before sharing projects on your personal website. Generally I include projects in my portfolio without asking, except for those clients who mention to not share their project and information with others.

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Shihab-Ul H Member Since: Aug 20, 2016
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Really Funny but one client came back to me 6 months later after finishing his project and asked to remove his website's link from my website. Obviously I removed it & now I am trying to find out the ethics.  

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Kat C Member Since: Jul 11, 2016
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Secure permission from the client before you do so. 


Once you deliver the project and they pay you, it becomes their intellectual property. 


Other Legal Eagles who specialize in law may chime in and define the specifics.


However, don't assume that it's OK to add their projects to your profile.

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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If you want to post a project that you did on Upwork on your Upwork profile, permission is secured from the client first.  I would certainly follow this for projects posted elsewhere.  Once you've been paid, you no longer "own" the work and you need to get permission to showcase the project elsewhere.



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Shihab-Ul H Member Since: Aug 20, 2016
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Thats right but is the verbal permission is enough? or I need to get written permission of it. 


Will anyone expense time to provide me a written permission?! And on the other-hand, has the verbal contract/permission deserves any value?