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Can I work on Upwork Without Setting A Payment Method ?

If so, How long would Upwork Keep my earnings ? 

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Hi Yehia,


Please add a withdrawal method as soon as possible as you can't keep your funds in your Upwork account indefinitely.

~ Vladimir

hi sir, can i start working on upwork without populating payment method..actually i want to submit this later when i earn some reasonable amount..reply me i waiting your reply


Hi Naveed,


Yes, you can start working without having a payment method. However, please note that Upwork can't keep your finds indefinitely.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Hello All,

Got a couple of questions that I haven't been able to find the answer to yet. 

How long am I able to leave my funds on my Upwork account without entering a payment method? 
Why do I have to enter a billing method if I want to create a new client account(I have a freelancer account)? I read somewhere that this has to be done in case one doesn't have sufficient funds on Upwork so really the question is, are client accounts not free? 

Thanks in advance! 

Hi Rashila,


Upwork is not a bank account and will not be able to store your earnings indefinitely. Once you receive a payment on a contract, the funds will be in your Upwork balance that you can withdraw later. Note that as per our Terms of Servicewe cannot hold your funds for longer than 180 days. You can check this help article for more information on how you can withdraw your earnings. 

~ Joanne

Whereever you read that, it wasn't on upwork. Better get your information from upwork's help section and forum. 

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