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Can a proposal recipient see my Overview/Profile?


When I send a proposal to a client, can that client check my Profile, especially my Overview?  To put it another way, if, in the Cover Letter, I say "please take a look at the Overview on my Profile," will they be able to do so?



Community Guru

Only if they want to. So, yes, they can click on the link you provide (if you provide one) to your profile, or they can click on your name in your proposal letter. Either one will take the client to your profile (if they choose to do so.)


You can click on the My Stats link at the top of the Upwork page to see how many times your profile was viewed and on what dates it was viewed.

Community Guru

Your overview appears directly underneath your cover letter from a client's view.

My understanding is that the first two lines of your profile are immediately visible to the client.  Make the first two lines count!

That's true and very good advice in regards to search results. But it's not the same with proposals 🙂

@Nia G wrote:

That's true and very good advice in regards to search results. But it's not the same with proposals 🙂

Sorry Nia, I don't understand your reply? I'm talking specifically about proposals. As a client you cannot directly access a freelancer's profile from their proposal. Unless that's changed in the last month or so...

Hi Jennifer,


My reply was to Mary's comment about clients being able to see the first two lines of your overview. I was saying that that's only the case with search results and not with proposals. 

Hi Mary,


I can confirm Nia's reply that the beginning of a freelancer's profile overview shows in search results, whilst the beginning of their proposal text shows on the proposal tile on the client's end (along with their answers if a client includes screening questions). I agree with you that freelancers need to grab client's attention with both their profile overview and proposal text.

Community Guru

Just to clarify - your profile (including your overview and portfolio) is visible to the client as part of your proposal. However, they can't actually visit your profile page directly. Pretty much everything from your profile appears visible to the client, but it's not quite the same as actually looking at your profile (for example, your "profile rate" isn't visible). The only way a client can actually directly visit your profile page if you made a proposal is to save you as a "Favorite" and then access your profile from their Favorites list.


So it doesn't hurt to include a link to your profile at the end of your proposal. Some clients like to be able to see your profile separately to your proposal.