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Can clients see my proposal?

Good day Sir/Ma'am!
I am new to upwork and I keep sending proposals for almost 3 days. No response, I guess it is normal but when I send a proposal for a Data Entry (Entry level) I saw the client's job post has 0 interviewing. I wonder if it is my account or just me itself.
Thank you very much and I'm sorry for this.
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Hi Jan,

There isn't anything happening with your account that is preventing your proposals from being seen. If you saw a job posting where the client is interviewing 0 candidates, it doesn't necessarily mean that the client hasn't seen your proposal. Sometimes a client may post a job and then return several days or even weeks later to move forward with the hiring process.

Getting hired for a job on Upwork may take time. In the meantime we suggest you build on your profile and reputation by adding other relevant experiences and taking skills test as well as hiding the results of any tests where your scores were below average to increase your chances of getting noticed by clients.

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