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Can helping client hire other talent get me banned?

So, like the title says,

I was hired by a client to train some of the other freelancers hired by them. After starting training, I then suggested the client to hire some more freelancers on Upwork to grow the size of the team. They agreed and added me as a "co-worker" to their agency account and I can now access their account and help them hire other people. 

Since I have access to my own contract as well and I am able to access that and quite a few extra things. I was wondering since I'm hired and hiring for the same client, is it possible I could get banned because technically I've hired myself(don't know if that makes sense)? How is it any different from Upwork's point of view from creating an agency account myself and hiring myself?

Also if for whatever reason the client's upwork account gets banned, would it also ban my freelancer account because I was a "contributer" to their agency account?


Hi Omeed,


Sorry for the late reply. Your client added you to their company as a Team Member with hiring permissions, which is a feature available to them and it's not against the Upwork Terms of Service. You can learn more about that feature here. In addition, if for any reason their account is suspended, that decision may not necessarily apply to your account. The Trust & Safety team would reach out to them with more information about the decision as well as any steps they may need to take to lift the suspension. 

~ Luiggi
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