Can my profile get approved?

I got denied on the first shot. Completed my profile to 100%. I see plenty of data entry work available so whats the deal with not being able to be approved on my profile? I am in need of work badly. Can my profile please be revisited or tell me what I need to do in order to get this approved in a timely fashion? A prrompt response would be appreciated as I am in need of work 🙂 Do I need to take more tests? If so how many, etc etc. Anything to get approved!

Thanks in advance!


If you are badly in need of work, you need to look for work in your local economy. Upwork is absolutely the last place you should be looking for work if you need to earn money quickly and you simply are offering data entry skills. You do not seem to understand the nature of this platform.

I have some outside issues I womy dive in too much but I was requires to seek temp employment up until a move out of state and I took a telemarketing job and am regretting it first day already. Not looking to get rich or make a career here let's just say after the last 2 years of my life I feel blessed at the moment with a roof over my head and food on my plate. I suppose a get well job to support myself while my life is rebuilt is what I am trying to use this platform for. I'm a simple man and it doesn't take much to make me content. For that I am grateful. Now hopefully I can earn a few spare bucks so any positive advice on what to lean to since I am new to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and any constructive criticism is always welcome. As in anything I dive into I hope to embrace a new experience and hope for the best. A roomie who does construction estimates turned me on to this because he knows I excel with electronics. Anyways looks like I got approved lol. Have a blessed week.

Hi Chad,


I see that your profile was approved. Welcome to Upwork! Let us know if you have any other questions while learning the ropes of Upwork.






What Preston was trying to tell you is that there are thousands upon thousands of data entry freelancers on this site, some with even lower rates than yours. That's what you're up against. It can take a long time to get that first job.


And as a US citizen, you should up your hourly rate considerably - after Upwork fees and self-employment taxes it will hardly be worth your time. I would also suggest that you clarify your profile - you can certainly mention your vet status in your overview, but I wouldn't make that the first words in your title - your title should state what your skills are. Your portfolio piece is confusing, unless you actually designed that website.


My 2¢.


Good luck.



Chad, In some states the Minimum wages for part time fast food workers is $15. It may not be the greatest job, but the pay will be enormously better then what you'll get here for the work you will be doing, IF you can show the client why they should hire you instead of the other 150+ freelancers who are applying for data entry jobs.


Also, you said you didn't like the telemarketing job. Be prepared, for the data entry jobs listed here. such as give me a list of every vacent lot owner in the entire U.S. or I need the following 1,000 page list (an image file) retyped. (and each page has 300 entires on it.