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Can not log in



I have created this profile just to have a chance to get in touch with some support. Is there any other way to ask questions and get help if I can not log in with my first account?

I created account with Google, and now i can not log in. I have freelancers offering their service but I cant get in.

It says that google account is not registered and i should chekc if im trying to log in with correct gmail. I have recieved emails that there are new offers for me on Upwork. As well I recieved email verification email, but it seems that link does not work. 


Can I get some help here?


Hi Revita,

Could you please click on my picture next to this post and send me a private message with more info about the account you need help with? You should be able to send private messages as soon as you become an Active Member.


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