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Can somebody explain me how is the milestone payment process?

Hello there,


I have accepted a job and it was through milestone payment.

I did the job, I submitted it and now what?


How many time do I have to wait?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gledys,


Milestones are a way to divide the fixed-price job into a series of deliverables based on your client's needs. They can break a larger contract into more manageable chunks. For more information about milestones for Fixed-Price jobs please check out this help article.


To ensure that you are payment protected on Upwork, we always recommend that you only submit work for the fixed-price contract through the contract page by clicking on the "Request for payment" button. As you already requested the payment, your client will have 14-days to review the work that you have submitted. If they don't come back within 14-days, the money in escrow will automatically be paid to your account. You can check this help article for more information.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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