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Can someone in Support contact me to clarify how to post a sales listing with base + commission?

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Martha S Member Since: Apr 5, 2019
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It has been exhausting searching for an being unable to find a method of contact other than asking a question to the community, but here you are and here I am.


I would like help finding new customers for an industrial product. I would like to pay someone a base price for their time, but have commission be a significant part of the compensation. I don't see any clear way to to this, and on your boards there is confusion as to whether it's against TOS or should be done as a bonus, or what?

It would be great for there to be some kind of findable "contact us" link, or if you know where it's hiding, could you tell me?




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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Please don't hesitate to use the Community Forum as a resource for asking questions.

It's free and friendly and helpful!


There is rarely a time where you would need to actually go to Customer Support to ask questions. The Forum even has many full-time moderators who ARE Upwork employees.


As for your specific question:

Upwork has distinct contract models:

- fixed-price

- hourly

- weekly stipend


It is not really set up for commissions, but Upwork DOES allow clients to pay commissions to freelancers. The simplest way to do this is to use the Pay Bonus tool.


if you do this in addition to using allowable base pay in the form of an hourly or fixed-price contract, this IS allowed by Upwork's ToS.

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