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Can't Submit Proposals

Hi, I'm new to upwork. I saw the three ticks at the top of my profile though I didn't get an email that I have been approved.
I proceeded to submitting proposals and when I click on submit it says I have 0 connects left meanwhile my profile says I have 208 connects. Whenever I click the connect link it says I can't pick a membership plan because I'm not approved.
Can anyone help me please
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Habibah,


I checked your account and it was accepted. As an exclusive member of the agency, you won't be able to use your freelancer membership plan/connects. Exclusive agency members can only work on contracts under the agency.


You can find more information about it here.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

Okay thank you for your response.
How can I send proposals on behalf of my agency then? I thought that was
what I was doing.

Hi Habibah, 


All agency members can submit proposals and each proposal draws from the agency’s collective balance of Connects. As an exclusive member, when you submit a proposal, it will appear on your proposal that you are associated with an agency. Please take note that only business managers can accept an offer, which means you’ll need them to take action before you can work for a client.

You may read more about it here.

~ Avery
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