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Can't Submit proposal

I am new to Upwork and trying to submit my first proposal. I have filled out the entire form and when I hit submit I get the message "Value is required and can't be empty" under the box where I typed my cover letter. what am I doing wrong? The box is not empty.

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I have sort of solved the problem. I can submit the proposal in Explorer, but not in Chrome. 

Explain the details to upwork help center i am sure of upwork beter sercies will solve the issue, They are very active and nice team to help you thanks 

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I have same problem: I'm sending the proposals and seeing "xxx invited, sent" but I can't see the list of the proposals I sent, it is empty. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Denys,


I checked and you have a Client account! Can you be more specific regarding the issue you are experiencing so that we can assist you further?

~ Bojan
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Same problem here. There is no thing to fill in, but still get the error.


Hi Alan,


I tried and can't seem to replicate the issue you're describing as the OP. Could you please share with us a screenshot of the error from your end so that we can take a closer look? We'll have that reviewed and assist you accordingly.


Additionally, as a freelancer your profile picture has to accurately represent who you are, it obviously shouldn't be a photo of a place, a design or object, or someone or something else (also, misrepresenting who you are, goes against our Terms of Service.) You may visit this help article to learn more about choosing a good profile picture.


We're looking forward to your response.


~ Arjay
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