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Can the agency name be different than the actual registered business for e.g DBA name ?

I have my registered business name (e.g ABC Inc) in one my my states.

I also do other types of contracting work under this business name. This is a registered C Corp.


For my IT business, I am doing this under a "DBA" (doing business as). The DBA name is different than my ABC Inc name (e.g Sam IT Company).


Now I want I create my profile and add my agency, I want to add "**Edited for Community Guidelines**", because I have my IT website running under this name and this is what my IT clients know.


My question is that - Can I do this? Would Upwork as my C-corp paperwork at some point in future? If so, then the name would not match. Would you be ok if I show you guys my DBA registration?


Please guide me so that I create my profile in correct manner.



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Retired Team Member

Hi Kiran,

Yes your agency name here dosen't have to be your registered company name.
Example if your company name is ABC your agency name on Upwork can be BCA, XYZ ect. If you have any additional questions let me know, thank you.

~ Goran
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