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Cannot create profile, website hangs

When creating my profile, I fill up everything and click "review" but it just redirects back to the current page and doesn't move on to the next step. There are no red errors flagged.


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From time to time i will getsimilar glitches with the site. I find using a different browser usually overcomes the situation in the short term.


(I use Safari but when a glitch occurs i find switching to Chrome or Firefox usually helps)

Hi John that didn't help, do you know how to escalate the issue?

Hi Taylor, 

I checked your account and I can see that you are yet to submit your profile for review. You need to click the review application button to make sure you did not miss any section of the profile creation process. Any portion that is highlighted in red needs to be filled-in. Please review your application and update the missing fields to be able to submit your profile for review. In this case, please update the City field and resubmit your profile for review. 


Once you submit your profile, it takes at least 24 to 48-hours for the process to complete and you will be notified via email about your account.

~ Avery
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