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Cannot sign up or sign in

I'm having issues signing in, or signing up for Upwork. I created an account a few years ago when I was living abroad and tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to do some freelance work. Eventually I gave up and found a full time standard job. Now, I'm living abroad again with more experience and thought I'd sign back in for another try-- only to discover that it doesn't recognize my email (even though I still have old emails from Upwork in this inbox), and then when I try to sign up it tells me repeatedly that there is an error. Did I somehow get blocked from upwork and was never notified? It won't let me submit a problem to customer service or do anything. Now even clicking on Upworthy brings up an automatic error message saying they could not fulfill my request. It feels like the site is blocking me, but I'm not aware of having done anything wrong.. 

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Also, I see this has signed my name as Franckie W-- which is not my name. Not sure why the system has identified me this way. I know someone close to me with this name, but it is not me and they are not associated with my account in any way. 

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Could you please share more information about your another account with me sending me a private message, so that we can check this for you and advise you accordingly. Thank you.

~ Bojan
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