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Certification is needed for 100% profile completeness? Really?

I can not reach 100% profile completeness because I do not have certificate? Because I do not have piece of paper which says I completed some courses? I think it is unfair. Is there any way to reach 100% profile completeness withotu certification? I think that clients won't look at my profile because it is not 100% complete.

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I think you can make it 100% by linking your social media account and/or taking more tests. I didn't provide any certificates to Upwork and my profile is 100%.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Tornike,

In addition to Hiu advice, you can check out our help article on how to Create a 100% Complete Freelancer Profile.

~ Goran

Tornike, I don't believe clients can even tell if your profile is less than 100% complete. However, you won't be eligible for Rising Talent or Top Rated unless your profile is 100% complete, so it's still important.

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