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Change job recommendations

Hi, I feel like my list of recommended jobs feels a bit arbitrary, focusing mainly one one particular aspect of my past career. What’s the best way to rweak this so I see jobs recommended to me that I’m more interested in? Thanks!
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Balint,


Thanks for the question. I see you just recently joined Upwork and would like to confirm if you're referring to jobs displayed in your job feed, on the Find Work page?

~ Vladimir


Indeed, I am referring to that, the jobs that are being automatically
listen on "My Feed". They are exclusively related to a certain area of my
expertise, however, I do not get recommendations based on the rest of my
skills (more precisely, it lists all sorts of writing jobs, but no video
editing jobs).

Thank you!

Thanks for confirming, Balint. I'd strongly suggest setting up a new Job Feed as described here in order to fine tune your job searches to show the most relevant results that match preferences you select. Let us know if you need further guidance and do follow up with an update.


Side note, as a new user please review the resources we shared here and here, to get the best possible start on Upwork.

~ Vladimir
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