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Change my country

Could a moderator correct my country?  It should be United States.  I cannot complete my profile currently since it will not allow me to select the correct country.

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Hi Scott,


I was able to change my country before, all I did was send a mail to Upwork  Help Center. I hope that helps.

Thanks!  Unfortunately, as a new member, it won't let me submit a support request to them.  It only lets me post in here.  Hopefully a moderator will pick this up and change my country :).

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Hi Scott,


I am glad to let you know, as per your request, your country has been changed.


Please, review the ticket that was sent to you regarding this matter. If any other question arise, you may contact out Support team through that same ticket.



Hi Valeria, I also have the wrong country listed on my profile.  It is listed as United Arab Emirates, which is incorrect.  It should be United States.



I am having the same issue- I put Canada initially since I am Canadian, however, I realized that I should have indicated Germany instead. Can I please get some help too?

Hi Guergana,

I`ve just updated your country to Germany, feel free to fill in the rest of the address. Thank you!

~ Goran

Hello there! I'd like to change my country to Italy. Is it possible?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Michele,

Yes it is, I`ve already updated your country to Italy. Thank you!

~ Goran
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