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Chromebook and time tracker

Hi, I just saw that Upwork's time tracker does not support Chromebooks.

I do not own a PC or Mac so I'm stumped.

How do I keep track of my time in a way that complies with Upwork's terms of service?

Thank you so much, Elizabeth Rowe

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You can manually input your hours if the client allows this. The caveat to that being that manually entered hours are not covered by any payment protections. That's really the main reason for using the tracker, as it takes screenshots from time to time and lets you annotate those to "prove" you were doing the work in case there's ever a dispute. It's not perfect (as it also relies on "activity levels", which can be misleading if you're doing a bunch of work away from your computer), but it is what it is.

Elizabeth, because of the reason Michael gave, about manually recorded hours not being guaranteed, and bearing in mind that not every client will permit manual time, it might be wise to concentrate on fixed price jobs until you buy yourself a Mac or PC.
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Yes, Upwork's time tracker does not support Chromebooks.
It's only available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. And so, to work on an hourly job on Chromebook, you'll need the client's approval to record time manually but keep in mind that Upwork doesn't guarantee payment for manually recorded time as it does not qualify for Hourly Payment Protection.


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I would also like a solution to this problem!! 

When I heard back from Upwork, the person said to track time manually. At
this time, there's no way to do it automatically in the Google app.
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You can add Linux on your Chromebook and work that way but you will most need an external storage device to support all the extra data as Chromebooks usually have limited storage, and this might also slow down your computer and you won't be able to multitask as well as you used to. However, I have found that it's the best solution to get the Upwork time tracker on a Chrombook. 

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