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Client Creating Milestones

I am new to Upwork and have secured my first contract. 


The client requires multiples visits to a property for inspection and other taks. The contract states I am to be paid a certain amount per visit type. 


I have completed several visits. However, he has not created milestones on Upwork that I can submit when complete and request payment. What is best practice for him? Should I be weary that he has not created milestones, therefore there is no paper trail on Upwork of my completed tasks?


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Are you certain you were hired? Never start a job without the milestone being funded. Right now you are working for free.
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Yes. The first milestone should be created and funded before you do work. Don’t hand anything over until you have milestones in your contract.
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It does not sound as if you were hired and have a contract in place. 

It is not too late to salvage the situation. Maybe the client is inexperienced too. 

Ask your client to hire you and fund the first milestone with the amount you are owed currently (xy USD x visits) and then add milestones as you go along, making sure that you klick the submit for payment button every time you performed the task. 

Worst case - you have been scammed - but getting free site visits would be a weird scam to say the least - not like getting a file and never responding back and blocking you on upwork. 

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I have looked at your account and I can see that you have a fixed-price contract with money funded in Escrow for your first milestone. You need to submit your work for review and request payment for the milestone in order to get paid. You may check this article for more information on how you get paid for fixed priced contracts.

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