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Client Name?

Hi Everyone,


I'm new to upwork and when I go to submit proposals, no matter where I click or what I do, I can't see the client's name until after I submit the proposal. Sometimes I can figure out the client's name by reading the client's reviews, but otherwise I don't see if anywhere. I watched the tutorials and know how important it is to address people by their names, so I feel frustrated. What am I doing wrong?


Thank you!



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You don't need the client name.

Upwork doesn't want you to have the client name.


There are some freelancers who look for the client name in a client's feedback history.


I don't.


I NEVER use any kind of address when I write proposals.


I just dive right in and tell the client how I am going to work on their project.

And my proposals are incredibly effective in getting clients to interview and hire me.


So you're NOT doing anything wrong.

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There is a reason of Upwork not to show the Client’s name before the proposal submission.
It's basically because if the client's name is visible then some freelancers may contact them outside Upwork, this can mess up the marketplace.
So, it’s good that Upwork don’t show the client’s name.
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