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Client asking advice - but has not agreed to a cost



I have a client asking me for advice but they have not agreed to a price - or offered payment - I think they want the advice for free.


This is my first client with Upwork - so have no idea as yet how these things work.


Help/advice  would be really appreciated - I have told them that I need to go away to find out how I have to charge them - just to make them aware - this is not a free service.


Thank you in advance!





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This might be your opportunity to prove that you got the skills/expertise.  I would suggest going ahead and giving them advice (just a high level to gain their confidence), and make sure it also includes why they should come to you.  Show some examples of similar work you have done.


At the most, you will just lose one piece of advise,  but you never know if this results in getting you a lot of work on Upwork.


Wishing you all the best...

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My reply is what they would be paying for- so it would be free advice for them 🤔


but thank you for making the time to help me 🙏

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I think what you did was right. It is fine to advise a client as to how you would treat the job he or she is offering, but specific advice - in your case in could be something like, "what sort of food is "regenerative"?  Which I think would be going too far. 

Also your client is only potential until you have an actual Upwork contract in place. I'd wait and see if the client comes back to you and if they do, have a package + fees ready for them, that they can accept or not. 


If they don't come back, I wouldn't follow up on it, but move on with your proposals. 

That's exactly what the client has asked- but the question is- should I use sulphates in my skincare.


 Thank you so much for your help 🙏

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Personally, I would say something along the lines of: "I would be more than happy to advise on whether my services would be appropriate for this job. However, until a contract is in place, I cannot provide any additional advise. If you have any questions regarding my services and what I offer, please feel free to ask. If you wish to proceed, a contract can be created and then we can continue our discussion regarding ________."

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