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Client asks for sample website

Hi! I am new to Upwork and I hadn't got any job yet but I have a question that can I add my website link in the cover letter. Like this is my website for **Edited for community guidelines** affiliate can I send it in a cover letter?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ali,


Thanks for your question. Yes, you can share your external portfolios. Portfolios are an important part of a freelancer’s bidding process to show off their past work and their potential to complete a future project. That is why we are not prohibiting the sharing of external links to personal portfolios or other websites that provide examples of past work. We recognize that some of these links might include contact information and ways to identify and contact you outside of the Upwork platform. When you share these outside links, please remind potential clients to only communicate with you through Upwork until a contract is in place.

~ Bojan
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