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Client can't figure out how to pay me


Hello, I need your help with one of my ended contracts. It was a fixed price contract with a budget of $525 with only one milestone of $25. There probably should have been a second milestone for the remaining $500, but we didn't set it up that way cause we're noobs. I've sent all the files to the client, but the client has not released the full amount of the budget to me. All I got was the first milestone payment of $25. After I sent the final files and asked for full payment, the client simply said that he couldn't see any obvious way on the website to pay me. Both me and the client are new to UPWORK. I think I need dispute resolution to step in and help him figure out how to make final and full payment on the project. How do I get dispute resolution involved to help? I tried to following the direction on the website, and it just pushed me to the community. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.


If your client wants to pay you,  the easiest way now would be to pay you a bonus, as described here:

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