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Client ended contract without any notice

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I was hired by a company for 3 months and my first milestone activated for june month.
Then i submitted a worksheet in june month so that they can check my work after my submission i received a payment from their side. In mid of june then they ask me to complete next milestone as soon as possible at that time i asked them to active my july month milestone so that i can submit you my july month work but they didn't activate my milestone.
After this they message me to submit work because their client is asking for work. At that time again i asked them to active my milestone but they didn't activate and ask me to submit work in personal chat box. Then i submitted work to them in personal chat and then they said to me they will revert back to me by the end of the day but after a week i didn't get any response and then today on 13th july they ended my contract without any information. Not even pay to me for my work.

I have all chat with me about my conversation with client. Please help me to get release my payment from the client.


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Community Guru

Clients may end a contract at any time.

Clients are not required to give advance notice.

Freelancers may do likewise.


Are you saying that the client asked you to work on a milestone, but did not fund it?

That has nothing to do with Upwork. Upwork will not help you get that money. That is purely between you and the client whether the client wants to pay you.


If you worked on an unfunded milestone, then you made a mistake.


Gazela: I am sorry if you are disappointed by how things turned out, but this contract is over. The matter is over. You need to learn from your mistake and move on.