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Client not Responding

Hi I just want to ask about one of a client hired me last week on 25/7/2017. He asked me to do a bit of changes , he said that he will send the file but he did not sent any file. Its been 2 days, there is no response from him. So in this case what to do? He is very much satisfied with my work but from two days he is not responding. If I cancel the order in this case, will it effect my rating? I have already completed two jobs successfully... Please help me out in this issue. Regards



Hi Natasha,



Could it be that they don't work weekends? I've experienced this. Clients that disappear for a few days. They either don't work weekends, only work 2-3 days in their office, or, as it is holiday season, have taken a nice long weekend.


Hang on a bit longer. If they don't come back, do a few more jobs before closing the contract as you are a newbie and I reckon it may dent your JSS a bit. But the JSS is a mystery to us all! 


Best wishes,






Thank you so much. I will see if he responds back or not. I will wait for it.



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