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Client not ending contract.


          I accepted a job offer and most of the work is done. It is for an ionic app and all that is left of the job is helping him deploy apps to appstore. But recently, I found out that he had lost his app keys (along with many other issues not related to my tasks) and can not upload the app unless this issue is resolved. 


My problem is, this was three weeks ago and the client is now taking extra work from me for no extra cost. He calls me everyday and expects me to work on other projects that he has unless the issue is resoved. I have told him that I am busy but he won't listen. 


How should I approach this situation?


I have decided that I will not respond to the client anymore and use my top-rated perk to remove any feedback he throws at me. The only issue is, The job is through my agency (which is not top-rated at the moment). If I remove a feedback from my profile, will it be removed from my agency profile as well?


Any suggestions would be helpful.




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Community Manager

Hi Muhammad Ahmad,


It would be against the ToS for clients to request freelancers to do any free work. Please see Upwork Terms of Use for more information. Please be sure to use the Report Suspicious User Activity feature in case of any violation of the Upwork Terms of Service.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan
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Muhammad Ahmad!


You need to think about this and develop your strategy for not doing free work.


This is a really crazy situation. You shouldn't work for free like this.


As the Moderator mentioned, it is a violation of Upwork rules for a client to ask a freelancer to work for free.


You should always be polite and communicate in a professional way. But remember that this client needs you a lot more than you need him.


If a client asks for free work, you explain that he can hire you using an hourly contract, or set up a new fixed-price contract for $____ dollars. You are basically saying yes, you will do that work and here is how he can pay you.


If he does not pay you, then he does not want you to do the work. That is his choice.


re: "He calls me everyday and expects me to work on other projects that he has unless the issue is resoved."


He calls you!?

From where? 1980?

Nobody can just "call me."

If a client wants to talk to me on the phone or Skype, Zoom, etc.), then the client must have an active hourly contract with me. He needs to schedule a call. And he will be billed for every minute that we talk.

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