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Client pay less and more work


A question pop up in my mind, why clients pay less but offer more work. Is it good to work with such clients that pay less but assign more work?

Please anyone would like to guide me



Hi Asifa,


Thank you for your message. We suggest you clearly discuss the work and the related fees with the Client during the interview process. In case the Client request any additional work outside of the initial agreement, you have the option to reject any new work and discuss the additional cost with the Client. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance.


Thank you,


Community Member

It's quite common for cheapskate clients - and outright scammers - to say, "do this project for hardly any money, then I'll give you more work." It's up to you if you think it's a good idea. There's no guarantee that if you do a job cheaply, someone will actually hire you again; it's more likely that they'll just tell the next freelancer the same thing, and keep paying tiny amounts of money. I'm not sure why such an arrangement would appeal to anyone in the first place; if a client has a miniscule budget, why would you want to do more work with them?

Hi Christine. 

Although your points make a strong decesion not lower our worth. And new freelancers are not familiar about client to whom they select. 

So such scammers are hard time for newbies they get disappointed from upwork platform just because only single reason, facing a competition at upwork so they find it tough to what to do.


Community Member

Thank you everyone for the great insights! Truly will have them with me and take note of the things we should look for.

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