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Client threaten me



I'm new to upwork. Yesterday I received a message from a client. The client asked me to do a trial since I'm now on upwork. She provided all the references and color theme for me. I finished the trial within few hours and sent to the client.


All of a sudden, she turned mad and said she will sue me for using a registered logo. She swore to me and threaten me. I asked her to mind her language but she wouldn't stop and even said she will report to her embassy in her country so that I can never go to her country.


I hope upwork will investigate this client.  This is a professional platform for both clients and freelancers.  I suspect this client is trying to steal ideas from freelancers. 

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Take screenshots, report the client for asking for free work and for threatening you. There's a settings wheel in the message room to the right of your messages. Click that wheel and then "report". Try to report the comments where the client has asked for free work.
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Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear your experience, Miranda. 

Please know that unpaid test work is not allowed on Upwork. Client's who are asking for free test work should be flagged and reported. 

I checked your ticket and can see that this client is already being reviewed. The team should update you via the same ticket thread should they have more information about this issue. 

~ Avery
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Miranda, thank you for your report. I'm sorry you had a negative experience with a very unprofessional and unethical client.


I'm sure you know that this client is full of hot air and is not going to do all those things. The diplomats and ambassadors who work at embassies are not "logo police."

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Only bad people ask Upwork freelancers to do free trial work. 


Next time: don't spend time with bad people.

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