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Client wants to hire me, but has closed the job!

Hi there, 


I am speaking with a client that posted a job 20 days ago and for whom I submitted a proposal right away. The job closed. We messaged back and forth after the job had shown up as archived for me and she would like to hire me. However, there is no button for her to do so. 


She has another job available (for the same task) that she posted later and has suggested I submit a proposal there in addition so she can click "hire". But if I apply to this one it would cost me 4 more connects. She agreed that it doesn't make sense for me to pay to apply again.


How do we solve this?


It does not seem like the original job closed without her hiring someone as I did not get my connects refunded for the initial proposal. She and I are both new to using UpWork, so it is difficult for us both to navigate the situation. 


I have tried to look for a solution and the only one I could see is her reposting the job, but she says she has done so, and the job still shows as closed for me. 


Please assist! Any advice welcome. 


Thank you, 


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A client can click the Hire button on her side and that sends a direct offer to you. Accept that and bypass the proposal stage, using no connects.

Thank you, Preston. I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but how does this work on her end? As in where exactly does she have to go/what to click to do this?


The client can create a job post, and make it a private job post.


Then the client can go to your profile page and click the "Hire Now" button.

The client will be given an opportunity to click on the job posting to indicate WHICH job to hire you for.


That sends an offer to you (the freelancer). You can immediately accept the offer.

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