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Clients wants me to use his upwork account.

hi . 

i am abdullah new to upwork. 

i worked with a client from USA . completed multiple projects offline and get paid directly . now i want to work with him on upwork but he said that he will send his upwork details to use it. hire yourself etc something like that . he also wants me to manage his upwork account hire freelancers for him . 

is this possible here on upwork . 


please reply breifly . 


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If you got caught doing this your Upwork account could be permanently terminated and your earnings could be seized.


There ARE legitimate ways to work as an authorized hiring agent on behalf of a client.


What you described is not the way.

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He can add you as a hiring manager. The functionality is built in to Upwork.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Muhamad, 

I can confirm that this is a serious violation of the Upwork TOS and I would not recommend it. You may refer to this help article for more information on what actions may put your account on a temporary or permanent hold. 

Your client will need to set up a job post and hire you on the platform, and from there, you and your client can refer to the help article that Joe shared on his post for more information on how you can manage his affairs for him (i.e. hiring other freelancers, etc.). 

If your client needs help signing up, please let them know that they can reach out to us through our different support channels, and we'll be happy to help them.

~ Avery
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