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Closing fixed contarc due to talent unable to provide work and unreacheble to a communication

Hi! I'm in process of closing one-time project with fixed price. The talent didnt provide me with the result i've been looking for. But he made some work, so i'm willng to pay a 60% of the contract escrow. But the talent didnt provide me with the project repository. I've made an request to end a contract, but i'm willing to pay only then the talent will provide me with the repository of the job he made. What is the right way to do so?
The second question - is it possible to withdraw left founds to paypal or any alike online services? Maybe crypto?


Hi Andrei,


I checked the contract you're referring to, and I can see that you've already approved a milestone and released the portion of the payment you're referring to the freelancer. For the rest, you've requested an escrow refund. Note that if the freelancer approves the refund or does not respond within seven days, you will automatically be refunded the money in escrow. Refund credits can take up to five business days to appear. In addition, once you've received the refund, you may get in touch with our Customer Support team so they can assist you in transferring those funds to a billing method. 


Regarding the project repository, it may be best for you to try getting in touch with the freelancer to get that information. If by any chance you're having trouble communicating, please let us know and we'll be happy to reach out to the freelancer on your behalf. 

~ Luiggi
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